Child Bishop’s Sermon

My Christmas Sermon


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Isobel and I go to All Saints School and I worship at All Saints Church.  I’d like to take you through my journey with the Church and what Christmas means to me.

My Mum tells me (as I was just a baby!) that I started coming to All Saints when my big brother, Zachary, started at All Saints School – I was about 2 ½.  I started going to Sunday School with Zachary and my Mum and as I got older I loved listening to the stories from the Bible and doing the wonderful crafts with Pat & Lyndsey, plus taking part in the Nativity each year.  Pat also took me through my Confirmation, which I really enjoyed.

Father Tony was a big part of my Journey through the Church, always willing to talk to me and answer my (many) questions and I was extremely proud when asked to join the Collect Rota.  Later I also joined the Reading Rota – the Church and the School have both played a big part in giving me the confidence to stand in front of people and read.

In fact, I wouldn’t be here now, talking to you all, without their Support and Guidance.  This support is given to all us Children, by everyone at the Church and it feels like an extended family, which I love.

When I turned 8, Father Tony asked me if I would like to become a Server and help in the Church – me, being me, said yes! I still don’t know what the clothes I wore are called – I called them the white thing and rope! (Sorry Barbara!!) – but I really enjoyed being a Server.  A few months after I started Serving, Harrison spotted that I like to sing and asked if I would like to join the Choir.  It was difficult, as I really wanted to do both, but I decided to join the choir (hopefully I can Serve again when I’m older, if they’ll have me after my earlier comment!).

I love being in the choir, singing the Hymns and Anthems – everyone is friendly and helpful and encouraging.  I especially like doing the Kyries and Alleluias (after I got over my nerves about standing on my own) and the Christmas Carols.  My favourite Hymn is “Send me out from here Lord” – I always ask to sing it and add it to the Folio.  I like this Hymn as it tells you that God will protect you, no matter what and it explains what we should be doing as Christians – embracing the world and spreading God’s word to everyone.

My next favourite thing about being involved in the Church is the stories – my favourite one is Adam and Eve.  In this story, God has just made our world and he made 2 people to look after it – Adam and Eve.  They were told that they could eat everything, except for the fruit from THAT tree!  At first, they did as they were told, but like a lot of us, they were easily led.  A snake told them “God doesn’t want you to eat that fruit as it will make you as smart as him”. Like a lot of us, Adam and Eve didn’t know who to believe and Eve made the wrong decision, bit into the apple and Adam followed her.  When God found out he banished them – this story is my favourite as it teaches us that, right or wrong, actions have consequences.

I especially like the Christmas Eve Nativity, as Sunday School take charge!  I am often one of the Narrators and I like how all the Children dress up as their favourite character.  This helps me remember the Christmas Story better and I think it also helps the little ones!  Joining in with Sunday School has helped me understand the Bible Stories and how I can use them to help me be a good Christian.  I always try to be kind to everyone and not judge others by how they look, or act and I am very thankful to the Church for guiding me this way.

Finally (do I hear a sigh of relief!), I’d like to let you know what Christmas means to me.  Every time I ask people what Christmas means to them, they usually reply “Presents”, but to me Christmas is about spending time with my family, thinking about and giving to others.  It’s not always a happy time for people so I always try to think about those who are lonely or sad. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to me and I haven’t bored you all too much!

Let me finish with a prayer,

Holy Jesus,

By being born one of us and lying humbly in a manger, you showed how much God Loves the World.

Let the light of your Love always shine in our hearts, until we reach our home in heaven and see you on your throne of Glory.