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16 April 2020

All Saints & All Hallows
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Dear Parishioners

Thank you very much to all who have responded to our request for their contact details for Revd Paula to use. Many of you have sent photos as well, and some even a brief introduction of themselves, which I am sure Revd Paula will find useful. I am going to forward all your messages to her.

To those of you who haven't responded yet: it is still not too late to go back to last week's newsletter, find the form and send back your details, so that Revd Paula can give you a friendly call. Who knows how long you will have to wait otherwise to get to meet our new vicar?

A message from Revd ChristineCross

This is the last time I will be writing a message in this slot as, by Sunday afternoon (19th), Revd Paula will have been licensed as our new vicar. We’ve had to wait eleven months for this moment, but it has been well worth the wait, for in Revd Paula we have an inspirational, hardworking and enthusiastic priest with a profound love for the Lord. A number of people have been under the impression that with Revd Paula’s arrival I will be leaving All Hallows and All Saints, but I can assure you that this is not the case.  In fact, I’m very much looking forward to working with Revd Paula and supporting her in any way I can.

My association with All Hallows goes back to 1968 when I first came to Wellingborough to teach at Victoria Infants School.  Phyllis Neville was the caretaker and when she learned that I had been a Sunday School teacher she soon invited me to help at All Hallows Sunday School, of which she was the superintendent. Eventually, I took over that role. I continued to be involved with All Hallows in one way or another until 1994 when Stephen and I moved to teach at a boarding school on the Isle of Wight and later in Kent.

We had kept our house in Wellingborough and occasionally came back for the weekend or in the school holidays and we started attending All Saints as our house is in the parish.  In 2007 Stephen and I moved back to Wellingborough and, with All Saints as my sponsoring parish, I began training for the ministry and was ordained in January 2009.

Because of all this, both All Hallows and All Saints are very dear to my heart. I’ve been friends with some parishioners for nearly fifty-two years. On retiring from running a parish I was thrilled to be licensed as an Associate Priest to both churches. It has been a huge joy to walk with you during this time of waiting for our new vicar and I am very much looking forward to discovering Revd Paula’s vision and plans for the future. With the Lay Licensed Ministers, Church Wardens, PCCs and in fact all members of the Benefice working together to support Revd Paula, I am confident we can grow and flourish, and witness to the town of Wellingborough the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is risen: he is risen indeed!

Thank you so much for the love, friendship and support you have given me. Please feel free to phone me for a chat at any time on 01933 226730.

Revd Christine
Wendy's magical coach trips
What shall we do today?

If you're thinking of staying home today,
As very likely you will,
I invite you to come on a trip with me
For a virtual, magical thrill.

Step aboard my magical coach
Equipped with picnic and beer,
We'll have a singsong on the way
And stop when we get to the pier!

We'll have an ice cream or candy floss,
Fish and chips in the sun,
Make some sand castles on the beach
And bury each other for fun;

Go and buy some seaside rock,
Listen to the big brass band,
Have a walk along the prom
Then back along the sand.

When it's time to venture home
Having banished all our sorrow,
Think of where you'd like to go
When we meet again tomorrow.

Wendy's coach
 - - - -

Step aboard our magical bus
For outing number two.
Today we're getting ready
For a day at Twycross Zoo!

We've sarnies, drinks, crisps and cake
For lunch upon the way
And if anyone needs a loo stop
Don't be afraid to say!

When we arrive, we will spend some time
Peering through the bars
At gibbons and orangutans
With habits just like ours,

Tigers, lions and cheetahs
Appearing meek and mild
But don't be fooled, these pussycats
May suddenly turn wild.

The elephants can be funny
As intelligent as us
So if they try to squirt you
Just run back to the bus.

I never cease to wonder
Why giraffes are tall
Why the zebra has black stripes
And the seal plays with his ball!

Then there's creepy crawlies,
Reptiles, fish and birds,
Including funny penguins,
whose behavior is absurd!

Off we pop back to the bus,
Shall we stop at the pub?
Or shall we hurry straight on back
Home to get some grub?

- - - -

Only one destination befitting today
And it's not so very far!
We will trundle on our bus a while
Till you'll see just where we are;

In the Holy Garden,
After dying on the Cross,
They'd laid our Jesus in the Tomb,
A sad and tragic loss

But Christians have the hindsight,
Knowing what's to come.
That tomorrow He will Rise again
For He the victory won.

As we visit the Holy Garden
With reverence and awe
We offer heartfelt thanks and praise
And vow to sin no more!

Back to the bus for a short ride home
Free of fear and sorrow
We feel that we are truly Blessed
Looking forward to tomorrow.

A mysterious challenge

If you take any of your exercise in Castle Fields, try looking for a sign about an event 36 years ago. Take a good look at it and tell us what you have found.
Magazine deadline

If you have an article for the magazine, or a photo for the back cover, or would like to send a short message to other parishioners, please email your item to John by Sunday 19 April (
Rest in peaceCross

Sylvia Patrick passed away last week. She was a long standing member of All Saints' congregation, receiving communion at home in her later years.

We don't know yet when and where Sylvia's funeral will take place, but under current restrictions only the immediate family will be permitted to attend.
Coronavirus support line
A new support line has been launched in Northamptonshire to allow those who cannot leave their homes and those who have nobody to call upon for help to request assistance in getting food, prescriptions and other vital services. Included are those displaying symptoms of coronavirus, those with existing health conditions, those who are pregnant, and those aged 70 and above.

The Customer Service Centre at Northamptonshire County Council manages the helpline, and the Community Resilience Service co-ordinates requests for help in conjunction with the District and Borough Councils, mapping those requests by area and linking them up with local community groups, volunteers and voluntary organisations who have pledged their support.

If you require help, call 0300 126 1000, then choose option 5.
List of online services and other church resourcesLogo of the Churcyh of England

So many churches have started creating and publishing content online, we can't introduce all of them in our newsletter. That is why you will find a separate document titled Diocesan update live streamed and online services.pdf attached to this email, listing these online resources. Check it out, you may find a few familiar names.

Just a note about the Daylight Centre who are doing a wonderful thing. They are adapted to the lockdown by delivering Foodbank parcels to those in need, and this week have started to get hot meals out to their clients. At a time when demand is rocketing Foodbank donations have dwindled significantly. Demand will soon exceed the supply. The funds raised in the shop are more vital now than ever. So until they can get the shop open again, spread the word and encourage everyone to bung a tin in the Foodbank collection bins at Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Revd Christine
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