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  9 July

Dear Friends

As we are getting closer to opening again for services, the online calendar is coming back in use. For three months it looked barren, now we are adding back the entries for both churches and the halls.

At this point there are still question marks where it is not decided yet if the event can take place. Those on the reading rota might be interested in knowing that the Sunday readings and collects included in the calendar are correct until the end of this month and match the rota Rev Paula has circulated, but are subject to change from August.

You can look for the calendar on our website, or let this direct link take you there.

A message from Rev PaulaBlue cross

As promised in last week’s newsletter, I can confirm that both churches will open for worship on Sunday mornings from Sunday 2nd August. Worship will look very different, for example there will be no singing, the service will last no more than 40 minutes and physical contact and movement around the church will have to be kept to a minimum. This will mean that you may find yourself sitting in a pew that you have never sat in before; you may even find yourself sitting near the front! Communion will be in one kind and distributed by the priest, wearing a face mask.

I am sure that initially it will feel strange to all of us. While we rejoice that we will be able to come together once more in the buildings that you know and love to worship our God who knows and loves us, we remember and grieve for those who are no longer with us.   

Over the coming 2 weeks we will be preparing the buildings for our return. More details of what this means will be included in the magazine and in a short video that will be posted on our YouTube channel during the week before opening. I hope this will answer any questions you may have. The service pattern will remain as before:

8am Eucharist in the Lady Chapel at All Saints (entrance via the side door)
9.15am Eucharist in All Saints
11.15am Eucharist in All Hallows

There will be no refreshments served and during August no Sunday School, however children are welcome at all of the services and especially the 9.15am and 11.15am.

For some of us, this is an exciting time, albeit tinged with sadness, but for others they may still feel anxious about coming back into church because of the risk of infection – indeed some may still be shielding. I want to be clear that there is no pressure to return, you must make the decisions that are right one for your circumstances. In order that those who cannot make it church can still take part, one service each week will be recorded and posted onto YouTube on Sunday afternoon and the service sheet will continue to be emailed/posted with the weekly newsletter.

 As we prepare to re-enter our buildings, I would like to offer a prayer that perhaps we could all adopt into our daily time with God:

Lord, be with us as prepare to come back into your houses of prayer,
Fill our hearts with praise and thanks,
Bear our sadness for those who will not return,
Strengthen us to proclaim your word in all we do and say,
inside and outside of the buildings.
Pour your Holy Spirit upon us all, today and every day.

May God bless you,
Rev Paula
Magazine deadline

If you have any articles for the August magazine, please send it to John ( by Sunday 12 July.

The contract with Stephen Chilvers, Music Director of All Hallows Church, has come to an end. We thank him for his contribution to the life and music of All Hallows over several years and wish him and Jillian well for the future.
Faith for the ClimateEarth

Representatives from UK faith groups, among them the Church of England, have signed an open letter to the UK Government urging it to ensure that its economic recovery strategy is centred on the urgent need to reduce the impact of climate change.

In the letter the signatories, some of whom are members of the Faith for the Climate network, also commit to the goals of the Laudato Si encyclical, an initiative of Pope Francis, to advocate for and model positive initiatives to continue to tackle the climate emergency.

'Our faiths teach us that our planet, with its rich resources and inspiring diversity, is lent to us on trust only and we are accountable for how we treat it. We are urgently and inescapably responsible, not just before God but to our own children and the very future of humanity.

This unique moment calls us to develop a shared new vision for our future which we cannot afford to miss. As faith leaders we are committed to working alongside the people and governments of this nation and the world to formulate and live by such a vision. It must be based on the recognition of our limits: this planet is a complex ecosystem in which we are only one part. It must be rooted in sustainability and respect for nature and the earth’s resources. It must be founded on the fundamental principles of justice and responsibility. '

Read the whole letter here.
COVID19 test and trace scam

A new scam is doing the rounds. You may be contacted by a scammer claiming to be from Test and Trace or Track and Trace, saying you have to be tested for COVID19. They demand your bank details, making up an administrative charge for the test. They also ask you for names and contact details of people you have been in touch with. If you deny to cooperate, they threaten to involve the police.

This is a scam, to make you part with your money, and to provide the scammer with the the contact details of your friends and relatives as their next potential victims.

In reality tests are completely free, and it is the NHS that runs the tracing process. An NHS advisor may contact you via email, phone or text message, either if you have tested positive for the virus, or if someone you have been in touch with has tested positive.

In the first case, when you have tested positive, the NHS already has your details and you are in fact expecting a call/message about your results. This must happen a few days after your test. If the gap between your test and your being contacted is any longer, consider it a scam.

In the second case, when someone you know has tested positive, the NHS advisor will not ask for your details or any payment. They will get in touch only to advise you as to what symptoms you may expect, and to tell you that you should self-isolate for 14 days. If they want to get any information out of you, instead of them giving it, consider it a scam.

Has a scammer contacted you? Please report it to the police through Action Fraud.
Our prayers are asked for:Prayer

Those who suffer in body, mind or spirit, among them: Paul Skinner, Richard Hole, Peter Boulden.

The housebound: Ruth S, Doreen A, Margaret O, Diana B, Pat W.

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea: The Most Revd Allan Migi, Archbishop of Papua New Guinea; The Porvoo Churches – Newcastle, Moere.

If you would like to add a name to our prayer list, please first obtain the consent of the person you wish us to pray for. Then tell Rev Paula or Agnes at the Benefice Office whom to pray for and the reason why. A name remains on the list for three weeks.
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