Child Bishop’s Christmas Sermon 2018

My Christmas Sermon

Christmas is a magical festival

We all celebrate it because of the birth of Jesus. We also thank our loved ones for everything we have. We should think about the people who might not be as fortunate as us, as we gather family and friends around to rejoice the birth of Jesus our Lord. He taught people to be patient and love our enemies, and to forgive people who are unkind towards us.

A model of baby Jesus used to be put on top of the Christmas tree, but over time, we started adding an angel or fairy to represent Gabriel, the angel who told the shepherds about Jesus or the star like the Wise Men saw. Some ancient religions used holly for protection. They would hang it up on windows and doors as they believed it would ward off evil spirits.

Christmas is basically “the mass for Christ”.

In order for people to remember his birth, we invite relatives and friends around to party and have a big feast. He expressed many truths and laid requirements, hoping that we will put his words into practice, keeping his teachings at all times as being evil is not right. We have to remember what he said no matter how unfriendly people can be towards us.

It is right to spread love, peace and joy to everyone.


Child Bishop of Wellingborough 2018