Message From Fr Tony

Helen and I arrived in the Parish of All Saints on St. Lucy’s Day (13th December) 2001 and knew immediately the warmth and support of the people here. We have always felt supported and valued by you and for that we give huge thanks!

I was ordained in 1978 which means I have been a stipendiary, “Clerk in Holy Orders,” for 41 years this year and at 65 the time has come for me to retire. 

Helen has been an enormous help to me over the years and has always been actively involved in parish life. It will be particularly hard for her to leave because she has made a number of good friends, nevertheless unlike me she isn’t retiring from her “day job” . She needs to carry on for a bit yet. She’s my little pension plan!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the people of All Saints, and since 2010 the people of All Hallows.

It is so important that both churches work together. There are many friendships across the benefice and many good people from both churches who are determined to embrace a bigger vision of co-operation and joint working.

It is heartening to have experienced the team work that goes on in both churches. The behind the scenes work, the preparation, the dedication of so many across all parts of the life of this benefice. We are blessed with some very able and faithful people.

Helen’s and my last day in this benefice will be May 12th. We shall be moving to Rushden where we have recently bought a little house. None of the furniture in the Vicarage will fit our new abode but we shall manage!

And the future will be exciting for you. You will soon, with the help of the Archdeacon and the Rural Dean, be putting together a Benefice Profile. You will be encouraged to think about what sort of Parish Priest you now want and about how the future should unfold as the church serves this community of Wellingborough in the years ahead. It will be exciting and stimulating.

I could say a lot more but I’m not going to for the moment. Suffice to say this benefice must keep moving forward. We all need to keep travelling. Some parts of all Hallows are 850 years old! All Saints has recently celebrated their Sesquicentennial anniversary! We give thanks for the past and look forward with faith to the future.

Keep praying for Helen and me and we will pray for you, as this time of great opportunity opens up.

The Lord be with you

Fr Tony