The Reading Cafe

The Reading Café

The Reading Café is open to all who enjoying reading and who would like to join others to share their thoughts on the content of the book of the month.

Looking ahead we are planning on reading by the given date the following:



8 December

Why wish you a merry Christmas; Nick Baines

(Advent book)



12 January

Struggling to be Holy;                                   (Prologue & Reflections 1 – 3) Judy Hirst



9 February

Struggling to be Holy;                               (Reflections 4 – 6) Judy Hirst



9 March





12 April

Celtic Lent; David Cole                                     (Lent book)



Our October book Bible Baddies written by Bob Hartman, while light-hearted in one sense, was thought provoking on its perspective of the characters described. Some names are very familiar – Jacob, Goliath, Pilate, while others encouraged us to look in the Bible – Gehazi, Athaliah, Ananias and Sapphira. A highly recommended read!

 Gilead by Marilynne Robinson is set in 1956. It is a letter written by Reverend John Ames towards the end of his life, to his young son. It is about grace, and the struggle to grant it, and shows it can be as much a secular struggle as a religious one. It is a book showing great tenderness and care for others while making reference to rites of passage and not without the odd Biblical reference. It resulted in an interesting discussion about the historical context of America in the 50s.

If one of the books listed above interests you – why not read it and join us for the discussion. The Saturday discussions are at 3pm, and the Friday meetings at 7pm in All Hallows Church Hall.

Cheryl Goddard